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Let’s Stand Together for Workers

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Food & Allied Workers Union

The Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) is a trade union in South Africa. It was formed through the amalgamation of the Food and Canning Workers’ Union, the Sweet, Food and Allied Workers’ Union and the Retail and Allied Workers’ Union. FAWU is a founding affiliate of the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU).


FAWU has noted with great concern that there is a poster circulating, written “VOTE ANC 29TH MAY 2024” with various Union logos including a FAWU logo.

We would like to clearly state that FAWU is not aware of the poster that is circulating about the elections on the 29th May 2024. The poster was not authorized by FAWU, and we have not called any workers including its members to vote for the ANC.

We therefore distance ourselves from this unauthorised poster and the use of our name because the context is misleading and unacceptable.

FAWU Condemns Threats

AddHope Threats To Workers

FAWU CONDEMNS KFC’s ADD-HOPE PERFORMANCE THREAT TO EMPLOYEES. The Food and Allied Workers’ Union (FAWU) strongly condemns Kentucky Fried Chicken’s partner’s recent actions of sending out “warning letters” to employees that was trending on social media. Apparently employees are warned that they should reach a certain Add -Hope quota as a performance tool and threat to employees.



The Food and Allied Workers’ Union (F.A.W.U.) is abhorred by the horrific explosion at Nova Feeds factory yesterday afternoon in Malmesbury that caused the death of one of its employees and hospitalised two others. FAWU sends its condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the victim’s family, friends and colleagues and wishes a speedy recovery to those still in hospital.

FAWU Presents


The Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) is proud to present a Clover Strike.

Fawu Says

FAWU Statement

Retrench-ments at SA Breweries

FAWU fights job losses at SA Breweries.

The Food and Allied Workers’ Union (F.A.W.U.) will be battling the latest wave of retrenchments by SA Breweries announced at the end of January this year.

FAWU Statement

Epol Feeds Strike Hamper Production

Members employed by Epol Feeds, a division of RCL Foods in Worcester have engaged in protected industrial action as of Monday 5 February as a result of a wage deadlock between Food and Allied Workers’ Union and the company.

FAWU Statement

Unlawful & Un-constitutional Suspension

FAWU Statement On The Unlawful and Unconstitutional Suspension Of SAFTU General Secretary, Cde Zwelinzima Vavi

FAWU Statement

SA Breweries Cutting Jobs for Paying Loyalty To USA

The Food and Allied Workers’ Union (FAWU) has been approached by South African Breweries to dismiss its over 400 for purposes of aligning itself with the global framework. SAB employs about 5 400 employees.

FAWU Statement

FAWU Statement On Capsized MPV Lecanto Vessel

The Food and Allied Workers’ Union is deeply saddened by the tragedy that saw the MPV Lecanto hake deep- sea trawler vessel owned by Sea Harvest capsized last Friday leading to many lives being lost and eleven fishermen still being unaccounted for.

Download our Guidelines to  Lockdown

Food & Allied Workers' Union (F.A.W.U)

protect our workers

# Mandatory PPE

# Social Distancing

# No Unfair Labour Practices!!

We Must Speak to Be Heard

Social Awareness

Every month, FAWU organizes a workshop for workers to gather and learn more about their right in the workplace. .

Past Protests

Peaceful protests organized by FAWU representatives.

FAWU’s National Leadership

National Office Bearers 2024


FAWU Campaigns

The Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) wants to pay tribute to one of our great former leaders,
Dr. Neil Aggett, a white trade union leader and fierce labour activist who died in detention on 5 February 1982 after being arrested by the South African Security Police on November 27, 1981, whilst busy organizing a mass action campaign meeting in Langa in Cape Town.

FAWU Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Neil Aggett Death

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Head Office - Cape Town


General Secretary: Mayoyo Mngomezulu

Deputy General Secretary: Vuka Chonco

Finance Department

Head of Finance: Abduraghman Solomon
Internal Auditor: Richard Johannes
Creditors Clerk: Renye Isaac
Debtors Clerk: Colleen Lenders
Admin Clerk: Zerelda Laattoe

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